I remember feeling deprived when my parents would not allow me to go to a club, a ballgame, or a friend’s  home. I felt as though I would be missing an opportunity to have fun and I resented their decision,   It has taken time and God to reveal to me that the feeling of being deprived came through my flesh which is contacting this present world.  A deprived feeling is a thought of entitlement . Adam and Eve felt entitled to the one tree which was off limit; they felt not eating from that particular tree would caused them to feel deprived. The next time that you feel deprived measure it by the benefit it will bring. My parents were really protecting me through discipline, but through my flesh I was being told I was being deprived.  God was protecting Adam and Eve through discipline but the serpent suggested that they were being deprived and we see the feeling of being deprived really set them up for failure. Their pursuit of the feeling of being deprived caused them to overlook the other delicious, healthy, and available trees in the Garden of Eden. Allow the discipline of the word keep you on track and realize your feeling of being deprived is the effort of the enemy to derail you because whatever God have for you either being overlooked or it is on the delivery truck and your house is the next stop.

Jesus Is The Christ