Probably one of the greatest college coaches was John Wooden. Coach Wooden coached at UCLA and won many national championships but the thing which stands out to me was his disposition on the bench during the game. Coach Wooden gave little or no instructions during the game because he felt that the game was the execution of what was discussed in practice. Coach Wooden had trained and taught his players in practice every possible scenario that may occur in the game. Once the game started the pace was too fast to train, too fast to teach and he allowed their successes or failures in the game to either show them how prepared or unprepared they were in the game. It important that you set under your coach(Apostle,Pastor) during the training classes because something is being discussed to prepare you for life issues because once the life issue occurs the pace of that issue is too fast for you to be taught or trained. Practice reading the word and meditating on what the Holy Spirit is imparting to you in your quiet time and when the pace increase because of a life issue you will ready to execute the right decision at the right time. The centurion in Matthews chapter 8 verse 6 had a life issue to occur but he also had prepared for this scenario by understanding the
word and his speech gives Indication of his preparation for he said in verse 8 ” speak the word only and my servants shall be healed”. Athletes prepare for the game in practice and Christians prepare for life issues through the study of the word of God. I pray that the eternal blessing of our Lord Jesus catch up with you and even over take your present position.

Apostle Larry Robinson