There are times in your life when God will alter the course of your life that he might get the glory. The last year of High School my basketball team was in the regional finals and was leading our opponent by 20 points at halftime. Each player knew that this was a once in lifetime opportunity, the next stop was the state championship and exposure to scouts from major colleges. Unfortunately , this caused each player to leave the team concept that allowed the large halftime lead and toward the end of the fourth quarter the team had tied us and with only three seconds left there was a jump ball at half court and their center controlled the tip and heaved a shot toward our basket and as I camped under the basket I remember saying to myself “this ball has a good chance of going in”.  Well, it did go in and all our players cried in the locker room because all their hopes and dreams was contained in that one game.  God spoke into my spirit this week that he altered the course of my life because had we won it would carried me away from Tennessee, away from the woman that would be my wife, away from my call to ministry.  Sometimes it looks like a lost or a setback is a defeat, but it could be the hand of God altering the course of your life for his Glory.

Jesus Is The Christ