We praise the God of our salvation. We glorify him for the Lord Jesus Christ, and we exhort Him for the Holy Spirit. We the members of the Cane Creek Baptist Church Inc., need a clear vision of the house.


The vision that God has given me, as Pastor, is to increase the spiritual level of the Church, through the acknowledgement of the power of the Holy Spirit and the increased revelation of the word of God. Why? That we might become “applicators” of the word of God and not just “hearers”. We will increase the spiritual level of the church, by accepting what God has already said in his Word. Our vision is not to just meet on Sunday, but rather to defeat the power of the devil Monday through Saturday. We want to utilize Sunday to praise and worship God for the victory.


We must change our generation by the word of God and not by the principles of the world’s system. We must have the mentality of a warrior.  We must get to the most strategic place in the before the enemy. The vision is to be an original and not a copy. Jesus Christ is original, therefore; since we are in Christ let us be original. We must not copy the world’s system.

The local church should govern (rule) according to 1Corinthians 12:28.  We need our own activity centers, daycares, housing projects, stores, businesses, banks, etc. to allow our revenue to support Christian based organizations. We must support the Kingdom of God and not the kingdom of Satan. Our vision is to allow the glory of God to shine through the local church, so the devil and the world may know, that we are not with him, but rather on the Lord’s side.